Welcome to This website will act as both my resume and portfolio to display my talents. From this page I hope to find freelance design work for bands, book publishers and anything else that I can apply my creativity to.

Examples of my design abilities can be found in the Portfolio section. Each entry contains several items, such as other pieces related to that work, or other similar work. If you are interested in what you see, my resume and contact information can be found in the Contact page. Drop me a line. Iím always interested in something new.


My design philosophies are quite simple, and that is, keep it simple. Excess for the sake of it, or making things trendy gets in the way of the design and the product. After this, the client is who I design for, not myself.


My goal is to collect enough clients so that I can do freelance graphic design only. Eventually I would like to open my own small artistic design firm.


[04.10.06] New version of is up and running.

[03.05.06] Working for Casper, a local freestyle rapper from Quincy, MA.

[04.28.05] Doing freelance work for Elsevier, Inc., a worldwide publishing company, doing textbook covers.

[01.31.05] Designing a Demo cd for my friend Mike Smith under the name The Melancholy Prince.